Eurovision 2014 Entry: France — TWIN TWIN — Moustache

France’s super-catchy “Moustache” by TWIN TWIN brings the party to Denmark. Will the Eurovision audience let its score grow or will points get shaved off?

Country: France
Song Title: “Moustache”
Last year’s entry: “L’enfer et Moi” (“Hell and Me”) – Amandine Bourgeois (23rd Place)

When Ben first posted about France’s entry, “Moustache” by the trio TWIN TWIN, I commented that this felt like “Woki Mit Diem Popo” 2.0. That dance track was Austria’s 2012 entry and it did not go over well, finishing in absolute last place in Baku. France has the advantage in that the worst they could do is finish in 26th place. I hope they don’t, because I adore this song:

Real talk: “Moustache” is my favorite entry of the auto-qualifiers. I find it radio friendly, super catchy, and a track that could exist completely outside of the Eurovision ecosystem. However, the way the song functions in the Eurovision ecosystem is what makes the track fascinating. Flag-waving does not seem to be a concern for most of the entries this year, particularly with the dubstep influence adjusting tempos left and right. The chorus of this song invites the audience to let loose, which could be incredibly helpful if we hit a slow patch in the Final.

My main concern with this entry involves how TWIN TWIN decides to present themselves on-stage. I doubt the EBU is going to allow a variation of the Red Hot Chili Peppers-inspired well placed socks (which the trio used in some publicity photos). I don’t think the game show motif from the video will translate well on stage, but there needs to be some visual component. God forbid they do what Latvia did last year with stage diving and a guy playing a key-tar. France and Poland will be like peas in a pod in terms of translating their super-catchy tracks into a memorable (and tasteful-ish) performance.

Like Spain and the United Kingdom, France’s entry is a nice rebound after a few years of duds. I don’t expect “Moustache” to win, but my hope is that TWIN TWIN’s pop sensibility will influence future selections for the country so it can be a true contender in the near future.

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