First Listen: Poland Sends “Color Of Your Life”

After a rough 2015, Poland looks to regain some momentum at the Contest.

After a strong 2014, the 2015 contest was not kind to Poland, who finished in front of only four other entries. When the only thing between you and last place are three members of the Big Five and two countries earning “nul points?” That is a disaster, and a narrowly-averted tragedy. Perhaps 2016 will be the year this country gets back up on its feet …

Am I the only one who thinks this track was hijacked from a “hero falls in love with villain” montage in an 80s movie? I mean, just look at that cover image on the YouTube video! From the heavily-synthed opening to the Journey-esque melody to not one but TWO key changes, this song starts big and stays big. Musically, it reminds me a little of Azerbaijan 2013 (aka Man In A Box), but without some of the restraint and intrigue that made that a great entry.

One of the questions I ask myself while doing a First Listen is: does this track tell a story? In this case, “Color of Your Life” asks a question, which is not as good as telling a story, but certainly better than whatever Montenegro is doing this year. While this song is easy to listen to, it’s also fairly flat, and not compelling enough to warrant more than a listen or two. Poland needs a great entry to be taken seriously, and this is definitely not it.

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