2016 Rehearsals Day 1: Finland through Russia

The first half of the first Eurovision Song Contest semi final rehearsed their performances on the Globen stage in Stockholm.

Monday we received our first looks at what participants in the first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest will bring to the stage in Stockholm, Sweden. The first nine acts — Finland, Greece, Moldova, Hungary, Croatia, the Netherlands, Armenia, San Marino, and Russia — each had about an hour to work on their performances, with snippets posted on Eurovision’s YouTube channel.

It was also announced today that the cable channel Logo (home of RuPaul’s Drag Race and reruns of the Golden Girls) will be airing the Grand Final of the Contest live on Saturday, May 14. Although the press release says the network, its app, and its website said it will have exclusive streaming of the show in the U.S., it is unclear at this time if that means watching on the Eurovision website or the YouTube channel will be blocked, or if you may need to resort to other methods to watch if you do not have access to Logo content. We will be keeping a close eye on this situation as it unfolds.1

Anyway, here are first impressions from Monday’s rehearsals:


Definitely getting a ’70s nightclub vibe from this performance, which is a pretty good way of opening up the festivities. I’ll be interested to see what the final costuming looks like.


There isn’t much happening in this snippet, which either means there wasn’t a convenient section to clip that wouldn’t be too spoilery or there isn’t much to offer. 2016 will be the year we learn the true strength of the Greek diaspora if this song advances.


Two questions:
1) Girl, what you wearin’?
2) Is that the same dancer from Lithuania’s performance in 2014?


Nothing has changed from the national final performance other than I think the drum is smaller? What the H, Hungary?


Be sure to add “Costume Change” to your Eurovision bingo cards! And I’m glad they aren’t going too literal with the backdrop art.


Hmmm, this song may find itself closer to the bubble if this honky tonk style performance remains flat. It wouldn’t be Eurovision without a surprise or two.


I was hoping for dancers, but we should be getting a heavy dose of pyrotechnics, so it’s a fair trade. The photos on the Eurovision website have me more excited about this performance than this video does.

San Marino

This is the Eurovisioniest thing that has Eurovisioned in years. I can’t wait for the second rehearsal video later this week.


#RussiaGonnaRussia. Or, as Ryan put in a tweet about 75 seconds after this video clip went live: “!!!!!!!!”

Tuesday we will see the rehearsals for the rest of the contestants from the first semi final, as well as host country Sweden. The first semi final will get its last chance to rehearse on the Globen stage Friday.

  1. BYO pitchfork sharpener if it comes to it.  
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