Eurovision 2017 YouTube Week #4: Running Order and New Videos

Will new videos boost viewership numbers for some of the underperforming countries on the Eurovision YouTube channel?


We have a running order! The playlists have been adjusted accordingly by Eurovision, though no significant changes in viewing behavior have emerged yet.

Three videos have dropped since last week’s check-in:

  • Slovenia’s Omar Naber introduced us to a pop-and-lock matador for an updated version of “On My Way”
  • Bulgaria’s Kristian Kostov has a video for “Beautiful Mess”, though it hasn’t been added to the Eurovision YouTube page at the time of this writing.
  • Croatia’s “My Friend” will get you Eurovision bingo in about 30 seconds.

Slovenia’s video is the only one to have been placed in the Eurovision semi-final playlists. Our numbers will include views of the old video up until Friday, when the new video dropped. Croatia’s new video is on the Eurovision channel, but the old video is still in the playlist. Both videos’ views are counted for this week’s total, but once the new video is added to the playlist, the number of views for the old video will be locked. Bulgaria is not on the Eurovision channel yet, so numbers only include the lyric video.

First Semi-Final

Top Spots

The top three have remained unchanged: Sweden, Belgium, and Australia. The first two have surpassed two million views, with Sweden claiming the most views for the week.

Big Moves

Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Cyprus all crossed the one million view mark, with Armenia ranking third for this semi-final’s views this week.

You in danger, girl

Surprise, it’s still Georgia at the bottom of the pile, both in this semi-final and overall. DROP YOUR VIDEO.

Second Semi-Final

Top Spots

The controversy surrounding Russia’s participation1 has kept “Flame is Burning” in the top spot, but Bulgaria is very close behind. Russia currently has 1,780,000 views, but “Beautiful Mess” has 1,773,000. FYR Macedonia remains in third, Serbia in fourth, and San Marino is now comfortably in fifth place for this semi.

Big Moves

Bulgaria closed the gap with Russia by pulling in more than 360,000 views this week. Russia and San Marino round out the top three.

You in danger, girl (and guy)

Estonia and Lithuania are sharing basement quarters this week. Although Estonia is the least watched video in the second semi-final, it does rank ahead of three videos in the first semi-final. Lithuania has the least watched video of the semi-final this week, pulling in only 26,000 views.

The Auto-Qualifiers

No big news to report. France continues to chug along as the most watched video of the Big Five with just under 250,000 views this week. Ukraine has the least watched video of the auto-qualifiers overall and this week, with only a handful more views than Lithuania.

YouTube viewership figures are based on surveying the official Eurovision channel videos between 8pm and 8:30pm Eastern on Wednesdays.

  1. Editor’s Note: Until the EBU/Eurovision officially announces Russia withdrawing from or changing their entry for this year’s Contest, we will be proceeding under the assumption that they will be competing with Julia Samoylova.  
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