#31: Eurovision Gifts for 2018

Are you looking for Eurovision gifts for friends or loved ones? We have suggestions.

As we get ready for the holidays and the end of 2018, there’s plenty of excitement afoot for 2019. Armenia has made the first artist selection for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Meanwhile, Latvia and Estonia have released their songs up for consideration for the competition. Could there be a winner in the mix or is it still too early to tell? (Spoiler: It’s too early.)

We take a stop in Sweden to discuss Melfest preparations—is it February yet? Also, we gush over the Swedish Pop Music Industrial Complex thanks to an episode of Slate’s Hit Parade podcast. These leads to a discussion of Abba, Benny and Bjorn’s visit to UK’s X Factor, and how that show’s season finished with (or without?) Brenden Murray.

As if these early Eurovision gifts weren’t enough, we have made our list of suggestions if you are stumped on what to get the Eurofan in your life. We talk books, video games, music collections, and the random delights if you let a search box do the work for you.

Join yule lads Ben and Mike for a festive edition of the Eurowhat!

Episode Summary

  • Armenia Selects Srbuk (2:54)
  • Latvia and Estonia have songs (5:24)
  • Melfest Prep Begins (8:27)
  • Hit Parade (11:34)
  • The Ex-Eurovision Contestant Factor (13:44)
  • Eurovision Gifts for 2018 (16:53)



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