#33: Welcome to 2019

Happy new year! Now that we can begin 2019 in earnest, we have our first Eurovision entry up for discussion.

This week’s episode starts with some Eurovision in the Wild. Ben rocked a Swedish pop music quiz while Mike spotted Englebert Humperdinck (ESC 2012) on the way to Detroit. We also discuss the ESC 250 countdown and some of the surprises in this year’s edition.

We also have some updates on how preparations for Tel Aviv 2019 are moving along. Florian Wieder’s stage concept has been announced and the outdoor cats among us may be interested in some new accommodations that will be available for this year’s Contest. We also confirm that Mike and Ben are not outdoor cats.

The main event is Albania’s selection for Eurovision 2019. Although the selection process could have used some tightening up from a production standpoint (sorry, @ESCAlbania), we’re optimistic about “Ktheju tokës” by Jonida Maliqi.

We’re also optimistic about Cyprus, Spain, and San Marino’s selections—unless the Human Ken Doll comes out to play. Selection season is upon us, and we are ready for the shows this weekend!

Episode Summary

  • Eurovision in the Wild (1:17)
  • ESC250 (6:12)
  • Tel Aviv 2019 Updates (8:44)
  • Albania chooses “Ktheju tokës” by Jonida Maliqi (11:57)
  • Cyprus Update (21:19)
  • San Marino Trolls the Internet (23:46)
  • Spain Chooses 10 Finalists (27:46) Editor’s note: Spain’s final will be January 20
  • This weekend’s calendar (29:08)



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