#37: Australia Decides Gets AUSome

We discuss Australia Decides with Mike and Dale from the Aussievision Podcast! Which entries are we most excited about in this year’s field?

Eurovision selection season is starting to get into full swing. We have artist announcements from three countries kicking off this episode, with Austria’s choice reminding us of Netta. Speaking of last year’s winner, we take a listen to her follow-up single “Bassa Sababa”—does it capture our imagination the way “Toy” did last year?

Coming up this week will be Australia’s first-ever national selection Australia Decides. We could have done our own deep dive into the ten songs competing for the ticket to Tel Aviv, but why not bring in some actual Australians to help us out? Mike and Dale from the Aussievision Podcast conquered all the timezones to discuss the Australian music scene, which reality shows actually work as launch pads, and reminisce on the awesomeness of the looks from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6. Oh, and we chat about the 10 songs that will be competing this Saturday.

We close the show talking about the three other selection finals happening this week. A handful of semi-finals are happening as well. Will any of them bring about the downfall of capitalism? Yes, that question is on-topic.

Episode Summary

  • Artist Selections: North Macedonia, Finland, Austria (1:52)
  • Netta’s “Bassa Sababa” (7:02)
  • Australia Decides with Aussievision (9:30)
  • Upcoming Selections: Italy, United Kingdom, Montenegro (48:59)
  • How Many People are in Lithuania? (52:13)
  • Preliminary Rounds: Iceland, Ukraine, Sweden, Romania (53:50)



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