#38: Euro Vortex

Eurovision 2019 Selection Season is in full swing! We dive into the Euro Vortex with the United Kingdom, Montenegro, Italy, and Hatari among many others.

First up, Ben and Mike recover from last week’s polar vortex by checking in with some Eurovision in the Wild on US TV. Kseniya Simonova—the sand artist from Ukraine’s 2011 entry “Angel”—blew away Terry Crews on America’s Got Talent and might win the final? Meanwhile, CBS has enlisted some Eurovision help with The World’s Best while the Tennis Channel is causing folks to ask “Is this a Eurovision?”

This past week has brought about a handful of selections. Russia reminds us that Sergey Lazarev will be their only one for 2019. The United Kingdom will try to make Michael Rice’s “Bigger Than Us”… something. Australia finally decided. Montenegro introduces this year’s first group. And Italy has opinions about “Soldi” by Mahmood. Like… A LOT of opinions.

There was also a vortex of semi-finals throughout the weekend, with Iceland, Lithuania, Sweden, and Romania getting closer to making their final choices. Could we be on the cusp of a Hatari / Laura Bretan collaboration in 2020? We’ll need to get through the chaos of next weekend’s dozen or so selections and broadcasts.

Episode Summary

  • Eurovision in the Wild (1:49)
  • Russia selects Sergey Lazarev (7:21)
  • United Kingdom chooses “It’s Bigger Than Us” (8:43)
  • Australia Decides (12:34)
  • Montenegro: “Heaven” sent (18:08)
  • Italy has opinions about Sanremo (21:22)
  • Checking in with the Semi-Finals (27:42)



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