#69: Ben’s Grand Eurofying Theory

Ben flies solo this week after getting too caffeinated while prepping for the last Eurowhat of the year. He develops a theory about Eurovision in the last decade and makes an audio essay about it. It involves snacks.

Episode Summary

  • How to define a decade (1:48)
  • Pop, with a Folk flourish (4:15)
  • Power ballads! (6:10)
  • The Azerbaijan Pop machine (9:00)
  • Italy returns (11:18)
  • Fuego, Replay, and repetition (14:48)
  • Folk, with a Pop flourish (17:26)
  • Interesting choices, struggling titans (19:06)
  • Balance shifts again (22:18)



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    About the Author
    We are a pair of Americans trying to make sense of the Eurovision Song Contest.