#75: Austvia Superdecides

It’s time to update your Eurovision Top 2 videos as Czech Republic makes their choice and Australia, Italy, and Latvia get ready to make theirs.

Episode Summary

  • Semi-Final Allocation for Realsies This Time (1:40)
  • Eurovision Ticket Sales (5:15)
  • Spain releases Blas Cantó’s “Universo” (8:28)
  • Czech Republic chooses Benny Cristo’s “Kemama” (10:12)
  • Greece selects Stefania (14:16)
  • Weekend Recaps: Lithuania, Norway, Sweden (15:58)
  • Italy’s Sanremo Festival Begins (33:27)
  • Our picks: Australia Decides (35:35)
  • Our picks: Latvia’s Supernova (44:49)
  • Coming up this weekend: Malta, Ukraine, Iceland, Poland,



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    About the Author
    We are a pair of Americans trying to make sense of the Eurovision Song Contest.