#79: Songageddon 2020

Somehow we managed to be verbal after mainlining hours upon hours of Eurovision content this past weekend. It’s Songageddon 2020!

Episode Summary

  • Thursday (1:35)
    • United Kingdom drops James Newman’s “My Last Breath” (with special guest Helen Groothuis)
    • Germany has a “Violent Thing” with Ben Dolic
    • Azerbaijan announces Samira Efendi
  • Friday (13:09)
    • Belarus chooses VAL’s “Da Vidna / Да вiдна” instead of “La-Ley-La”
  • Saturday (16:48)
    • Estonia’s televoters show Uku Suviste “What Love Is”
    • Moldova goes to “Prison” with Natalia Gordienko
    • Damir Kedžo wins Croatia’s Dora 2020 with “Divlji vjetre”
    • Iceland’s Daði Freyr wins Songvakeppnin with “Think About Things”
    • Melfest Andra Chansen
  • Sunday (46:36)
    • Greece debuts Stefania’s “Superg!rl”
    • Roxen’s “Alcohol You” will represent Romania
    • Hurricane blows away Serbia’s Beovizija with “Hasta la Vista”
  • Monday (55:46)
    • Russia announces Little Big
    • Georgia debuts “Take Me As I Am”
  • Coming up this week: everything else! (58:42)



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    We are a pair of Americans trying to make sense of the Eurovision Song Contest.