108: Sábado Gigante

Sábado Gigante 2021 ha quedado atrás y estamos listos para discutir un puñado de nuevas canciones de Eurovisión. Eso es todo el español que conocemos.

Sábado Gigante Summary

  • Song Selection Updates
    • Czech Republic releases Benny Cristo’s “OMAGA” (1:34)
    • James Newman will represent the United Kingdom again (4:09)
    • Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix Final: TIX wins with “Fallen Angel” (6:08)
    • Finland’s UMK chooses “Dark Side” by Blind Channel (16:02)
    • Blas Cantò will sing “Voy a Quedarme” for Spain (21:59)
  • Other Super Saturday Happenings
    • Estonia’s Eesti Laul semi finals cut 24 acts to 12 (23:45)
    • Sweden’s Melodifestivalen Heat 3 (29:48)
    • Portugal’s Festival da Cançao Semi 1 (33:36)
  • Coming Up This Week (37:56)
    • Bulgaria launches Victoria’s a little dramatic feedback platform
    • Serbia’s Hurricane will sing “Loco Loco”
    • Cyprus releases Elena Tsagkrinou’s “El Diablo” Wednesday
    • Germany’s Jendrik presents his song Thursday
    • Ireland’s Lesley Roy debuts “MAPS” on Friday
    • Slovenia’s EMA reveals Ana Soklic’s song Saturday



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