110: Oops! All Songs!

Oops! Everyone looked at the calendar and realized Eurovision entries are due next week! We give a first listen to 25% of the 2021 field.

Oops! All Songs! Summary

  • Songs Dropping All Over Thursday and Friday
    • Belgium is “The Wrong Place” for Hooverphonic (1:57)
    • Remember Romania’s Roxen? She has “Amnesia” (5:13)
    • The Netherlands gives “Birth of a New Age” from Jeangu Macrooy (8:02)
    • Philipp Kirkorov, in association with Philipp Kirkorov and the Dream Team, presents Philipp Kirkorov’s “Sugar” by Moldova’s Natalia Gordienko (a Philipp Kirkorov production) (10:39)
    • Australia’s Montaigne sees in “Technicolour” (19:11)
    • Serbia goes “Loco Loco” for Hurricane (22:04)
  • Super Saturday 2: The Revenge!
    • Uku Suviste is “The Lucky One” to win Estonia Eesti Laul (25:48)
    • Denmark goes retro with Fyr Og Flamme’s “Øve Os På Hinanden” (29:32)
    • The Black Mamba’s “Love is on My Side” wins Portugal’s Festival da Canção (33:57)
    • Italy’s Sanremo rocks out with Måneskin’s “Zitti e Buoni” (36:39)
    • Flo Rida joins Senhit for San Marino’s “Adrenalina” (42:32)
    • Russia’s surprise national final picks Manizha’s “Russian Woman” (46:20)
  • Next week: Sweden’s Melfest final and Oops! Even more songs! (51:33)



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