111: The Homestretch

We’re in the homestretch of an unusual Eurovision Selection Season. Melfest is the main event, new songs, scandals… ok, maybe not so unusual…

The Homestretch Summary

  • “Husavik” Awards Watch: The Grammy Awards and the Oscars (1:12)
  • The Last Week of Eurovision 2021 Selection Season
    • Tuesday: Belarus potentially disqualified (5:43)
    • Wednesday song drops: (11:20)
      • Austria’s Vincent Bueno “Amen”
      • Greece’s Stefania “Last Dance”
      • Switzerland’s Gjon’s Tears “Tout L’Univers”
      • Bulgaria’s VICTORIA’s “Growing Up is Getting Old”
    • Thursday song drops: (23:54)
      • United Kingdom’s James Newman “Embers”
      • North Macedonia’s Vasil Garvanliev “Here I Stand”
    • Friday song drops: (32:25)
      • Poland’s Rafal “The Ride”
      • Latvia’s Samanta Tina “The Moon is Rising”
    • Saturday’s Songs: (39:00)
      • Sweden’s Melfest Final chooses Tusse’s “Voices”
      • Iceland’s Daði & Gagnamagnið “10 Years”
  • Coming Up: Heads of Delegations, Georgia, Malta, and Azerbaijan (50:52)



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