Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson will represent San Marino at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest (Photo: Valentina Monetta)

Eurovision 2017 YouTube Week 3: San Marino is Beating Sweden?!

The big question coming out of this week’s Eurovision YouTube views: could San Marino be on its way to the Grand Final again?

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The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Kyiv, Ukraine on Saturday, May 13. (Logo: Eurovision)

In Memoriam: 2017 Selection Season

A look back at the songs and performances that didn’t quite make it to the Eurovision Song Contest stage in Kyiv.

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Artsvik will represent Armenia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest (Photo: Facebook)

Artsvik asks Armenia to “Fly With Me”

Armenia had the earliest Eurovision selection series, but saved its entry “Fly with Me” by Depi Evratesil’s winner Artsvik for last.

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Jana Burceska will represent FYR Macedonia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest (Photo: Erina Bogoeva)

Eurovision 2017 YouTube Week 2: Favorites Emerging

Now that we have week-to-week data and all 43 songs available, which Eurovision entries are the movers and shakers and possible favorites in Kyiv?

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Artsvik and Marta competed in the final of Armenia's Depi Evratesil. (Photo: Armenia Public Television)

Depi Evratesil: And the Winner Is…

Depi Evratesil ended Saturday with either Marta or Artsvik as Armenia’s Eurovision Song Contest representative.

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Christer Bjorkman meets with the four Depi Evratesil finalists. (Photo: Armenia Public Television)

Depi Evratesil: The Final Four

Depi Evratesil tests the four finalists on Eurovision covers and stage presence. Are Marta, Syuzanna, Artsvik, and Egine up to the challenge?

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Marta and Anush Arshakyan perform during the Depi Evratesil semi-final. (Photo: Armenia Public Television)

Depi Evratesil: The Semi-Finals

The Armenian public finally had its chance to weigh in on the six Depi Evratesil finalists. Who advanced in the Eurovision selection competition?

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The judges have made their decision on who should be the Depi Evratesil finalists. (Photo: Armenian Public Television)

Depi Evratesil: Six Finalists Revealed

Depi Evratesil held its semi-final Saturday, with six duels to determine six finalists. There will be heartbreak.

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The stage is set for Armenia's Depi Evratesil (Photo: Armenia Public Television)

Depi Evratesil: Round 3 Part 2

Depi Evratesil has its second half of the 2-to-1 battle rounds. Were there any surprises on who advanced to the semi-final battles?

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Could the winner of Depi Evratesil be on Team Hayko? (Photo: Armenia Public Television)

Depi Evratesil: Let the Round 3 Battles Begin!

Depi Evratesil moves on to Battle Rounds as each judge cuts one act from each of their squads.

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